Best Beers To Celebrate Burns Night

Best Beers To Celebrate Burns Night

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With “Auld Lang Syne” still ringing through the streets Burns Night is just around the corner. However, being a traditional Scottish holiday, this leaves many people outside of Scotland wondering, what exactly is Burns Night? Well, Burns Night is an annual Scottish celebration usually celebrated on or around January 25th, Burns Night commemorates the life of one of Scotland’s most famous Poets, Robert Burns. One of the greatest parts of Burns Night is the traditional meal that accompanies the celebration. But whether you are hosting a Burns Night meal full of haggis and tatties, reading Burns’ poems, or hosting a Scottish-themed evening, it won’t be complete without some authentic Scottish beer. So, we have curated a great line-up of craft beer from Scottish breweries, the perfect addition to any Burns Night celebration. 

Below you will find a list of our favourites!

Newbarns have been going from strength to strength since they launched in 2020, and a Burns Night wouldn’t go a miss without some of their incredible beers. Currently, we’ve got stocks of their core pale Supreme, deliciously crisp lagers Super Gold and Pilsner. We’re also topped up with their BA Plain Dark Beer Imperial Stout, and a Pale Ale hopped generously with Citra & Cashmere.

  1. Newbarns Super Gold
    Newbarns Super Gold
    100 % of 100
  2. Newbarns Plain Dark Beer
    Newbarns Plain Dark Beer
    100 % of 100
  3. Newbarns - Supreme
    Newbarns - Supreme
    73 % of 100
    Regular Price £4.60 Special Price £2.95

From classics like Blond and Vienna Pale to firm favourites Peach Melba Sour and Mochaccino Stout, we've got plenty to choose from Pilot Beer. Drinkability is at the heart of everything they do at Pilot and they put flavour firmly front and centre to ensure every beer they make tastes amazing. 

  1. Pilot An IPA
    Pilot An IPA
    80 % of 100
  2. Pilot Vienna Pale
    Pilot Vienna Pale
  3. Pilot Blond
    Pilot Blond
    60 % of 100
    Regular Price £3.15 Special Price £2.00
  4. Pilot Mochaccino Stout
    Pilot Mochaccino Stout
    80 % of 100
  5. Pilot Peach Melba Sour
    Pilot Peach Melba Sour

Edinburgh locals Vault City have certainly made a name for themselves over the last few years with their incredible range of Sour-inspired beers. There wouldn't be a Burn's Night without a bit of celebrating with a bit of bubbly, so what's better than their Buck's Fizz Session Sour. to start the night off. Or if you're feeling even more traditional, you can get your hands on their Iron Brew Sour, which is perfectly the drink of choice. 

  1. Vault City - Iron Brew Sour
    Vault City - Iron Brew Sour
    100 % of 100


If you're looking for a perfect beer to serve with haggis, you will need a strong and maybe even sweet beer and we think that the best beers that tick all those boxes in fact come from Belgium. Think strong Triples, Blondes or even a Quadruple will play a perfect role in getting your merry whilst also being a great match to spicy, fat-rich haggis. We recommend Rochefort 10, Chimay Red or even Westmalle Tripel

  1. Brugse Zot Blond
    Brugse Zot Blond
    97 % of 100
  2. Boon Framboise
    Boon Framboise
    100 % of 100
  3. Boon Kriek
    Boon Kriek
    90 % of 100
  4. Chimay Grande Reserve
    Chimay Grande Reserve
  5. Chimay Bleu Blue Dark Trappist
    Chimay Bleu
    96 % of 100
16 January 2023

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