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Rochefort Release New Hand Sanitiser

Like we've seen with the recent release of the new Westmalle Extra, these Belgian Monks just aren't standing still. This time it's the turn of one of our favourite Trappist breweries, Rochefort, who have released a brand new alcoholic... hand sanitiser. 

The Rochefort Abbey has been brewing beer since 1595 and produces some of the world's best abbey-style beers. The secluded Belgian monastery still makes all its beer (and now hand sanitiser) on site, as is required to earn the title of a Trappist brewery.

These sanitisers are made with the traditional recipe of the Rochefort abbey monks. They have said their new creation is one of the most complex and satisfying hand sanitisers in the world, which takes homage to their classic Rochefort 10 beer. The gel has an aroma of deep dark fruit, raisin and liquorice that changes as the gel ages in the bottle.

The first batch will be very hard to get hold of, but luckily we have good supply on order thanks to our relationship with the brewery and will be available from April 1st 2022. We hope you share our excitement around this occasion, and we look forward to bringing you Rochefort beers, cheese and sanitiser for many years to come.

Whilst you're waiting for the stock to arrive, you can grab yourself a dedicated Rochefort Brewery Mixed Case which contains 2 of each beers: the 6, 8, 10 and Tripel Extra. Use the discount code SANITISERMONKS for 10% off the mixed case until 2nd April.

1 April 2021

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