Virtual Beer Tasting

Virtual Beer Tasting
1 May 2020 8650 view(s)
Virtual Beer Tasting

Wishing you could be experiencing new and exciting beers out at the pub with your friends?

Well we can still make it happen!

Host your own stay at home Virtual Beer Tasting event with the help of Beer Merchants… It’s easy to arrange and get going. So what are you waiting for?

Step 1 Load your chosen beers into your cart.

Find something you’ve always wanted your pals to try, or even something none of you have had the opportunity to taste yet. The choice is yours and the stock at Beer Merchants awaits. There’s no limit to what you can choose, if it’s in stock you’ve got it.


Step 2 Share the special link provided in your cart with friends.

We’ve added this handy share section to send your cart selection to others. Enter your name, email address then click 'Get Link' to generate your personalised URL to share however you like. This makes it easier for you and your friends to order the same beers, so no one ends up forgetting one of your much anticipated lockdown tastings!


Step 3 Agree a time and date.

Your shipment won’t take long! Once you have sent your link and all ordered your chosen beers, check the weather and select a date and a time that works best for all of you. Your Virtual Beer Tasting event is now on the horizon. Be sure to clear your schedule for the date, no other commitments allowed!


Step 4 Use Zoom to bring your friends together.

Create an account, if you haven’t already, with Zoom by visiting their website. Doing so allows you to start a large, high quality group video call with your friends. Once you’re all set up, wait for the day to arrive, invite your friends, sit back, relax and let the good times roll with a beer in hand.


Experience the huge range of tastes our selection of breweries have to offer while having a laugh with your friends and if the weather isn’t as good as planned, just move the party indoors