Returning to Work? Top beers to come home to

Returning to Work? Top beers to come home to
25 September 2020 61 view(s)
Returning to Work? Top beers to come home to


Returning to work?

We are all slowly getting back to the office, experiencing the 9 til 5 and night shifts once again. But fear not, here at Beer Merchants we want to give you something to look forward to once you get home.

Spend the next few working days counting down the hours until you can crack open your next Beer Merchants brew. We’ve got a tonne of stock ready to satisfy your tastebuds and help you relax after a long day on the grind. Forget your job for a while and enter the world of craft with our top 5 beers to come home to...



Fruli Strawberry

This delicious fruit beer, as you may have guessed, provides a delicious strawberry flavour. Brewed as a combination of wheat beer with real fruit juice, the texture as well of the taste of this beer is sure to impress. Perfect for easy drinking with a 4.1% ABV, this white beer is produced within the walls of the German craft brewery Hugyhe.

As a fresh, fruity beer Fruli Strawberry is best served while sitting in the sunshine paired with a delicious light curry with a serving of ice cream to follow.



Beavertown Neck Oil

A craft beer of many flavours, Neck Oil is filled to the brim with hops that add a little bit of their own features and notes to the overall flavour of the beer. This dry to start IPA will take you on a journey of fruity notes before arriving at a full flavour finish. Also an easy drinking beer, with a 4.3% ABV, Neck Oil is brewed with care in the UK.

Sessionable and refreshing this beer pairs beautifully with a cheese board of your choosing.



Pauwel Kwak

Stepping away from the fruity flavours, this deep amber beer brings a malty-toffee flavour to the mix. It’s earthy aromas are rounded off with a finish of caramelised banana to provide a slightly bitter finish to an otherwise savoury, warm beer. Kwak has been brewed in Belgium at the Bosteels Brewery since the 1980s when it was dreamt up from inspiration from the18th century Belgian brewer, Pauwel Kwak.

For the perfect pour, be sure to serve Kwak in its signature and very unique, shaped glass. Once poured, set it down next to a plate full of fish and seafood and enjoy!




Another amber beer to add to the list, Orval beer is brewed at its namesake Abbaye D’Orval Brewery in Belgium. This medium bodied beer is the only beer to be made at the Brewery, but has made its name across the world. When drinking you can expect to be greeted with a sweet pale ale with a unique herbal taste due to being bottle fermented with Brettanomyces which over time removes the sugar from the beer.

There is no question on how to serve Orval, get your hands on one of their Orval Brewery chalice glasses and pour away, with or without sediment. The ideal beer to wash down a delicious pairing of soup and cheese.




We understand taste is personal, so if the beers on our list aren’t making your mouth water we have plenty more to make your evening great. Why not browse our fresh new flavours?