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Are you a real BBQ & Zot Lover?

Are you a real BBQ & Zot Lover?

Love BBQ?

It’s the time for summer, barbecues and friends. Topped off with the perfect beer, there is nothing else like it. Make the most of the weather while it lasts with drinks, good food and the best company.


Their medium bodied beers will go down a treat with everyone, no question. Continue reading to explore the tastes of Zot, from their fresh, delicious beer to creative alcohol infused sandwiches.


 Brugse Zot will surely be the talk of your garden event.




Find the full range of Brugse Zot at Beer Merchants along with other incredible Halve Maan beers.


Medium bodied and well rounded, whether you are looking for a malty-hoppy blond specialty or a malty-caramel dark specialty, Brugse Zot offers the taste you’re looking for. Perfect for pairing with a steak or barbeque.


If you’re not looking for something alcoholic, Zot also comes through with their alcohol free Sport Zot that offers the same great Brugse characteristics for a mildly sweet malty base. Meaning everyone can enjoy Brugse Zot together.



Got the Beer? Don’t Forget the Food

Brugse Zot have partnered with the barbeque b*stard to create the stunningly mouthwatering BBQ burger of your dreams.

The Fools Sandwich


The Fools Sandwich combines the flavours of lacquered ham and Together to create a taste that will not only be the life of your barbeque but also pairs with Brugse Zot perfectly. Inspired by the origination of the term Brugse zotten..


Their incredible recipe combines the flavours of ham and Brugze into a sandwich that will take your breath away. The sandwich is paired with a fennel salad that includes the likes of sour apple, raisins and of course, more Brugse Zot to finish off the flavour and give you an all round experience.

26 August 2020

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