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The best beer gifts this Christmas

The best beer gifts this Christmas
7 November 2016 674 view(s)
The best beer gifts this Christmas

If you've come to Beer Merchants looking for a beer gift but not quite sure what you're looking for or what will impress your friend/family/partner, we've put together a list of the best gifts on the site – as well as some cool gifts from other sites too. Let's get merry this Christmas!

Ultimate Christmas Beers Case

We’ve got a lot of amazing options for Christmas cases this year, but our favourite is the Ultimate Christmas beer case. Filled with every kind of Christmas beer from the modern to the old school, it embraces the kitsch but delicious approach of brewers to the festive season. There are beers perfect for the turkey, the pudding, the mid-afternoon lull and the nightcap. Each box comes with a free glass to enjoy the beers with too.

Beavertown Mixed Case

One of our biggest sellers last year, the Beavertown mixed case is back and better than ever. With a selection of their delicious beers including the incredible new IPA, Lupuloid, as well as a branded glass it’s the only gift for a Beavertown fan this Christmas.

Beer Merchants Club membership

I can’t think of anything I’d want more for Christmas than a year’s supply of beer. We take huge pride in the beers we pick. Because we can work direct with breweries and only buy in small amounts, we can get some really special beers in our boxes. We’ve had 12% imperial stouts, 750ml bottles of Belgian saison and exclusive beers never seen in the UK before. Breweries have included Orval, Cloudwater, Hannsens, Dupont, Beavertown, Tap It!, Mikkeller, Evil Twin and lots more of the world’s best producers.

On top of that you'll get invitations to exclusive events and 5% off throughout the site! Give the gift of beer for just £28 a month – buy now!

Paulaner Munich Hell mini keg

Nothing says party like a minikeg. Get the beers flowing and everyone in the spirit with this delicious German lager on tap at home! No one makes lager like the Germans – light, biscuit, lemony and bitter they are a world away from the poorly made, quickly matured mass market lagers. Being full of flavour this beer also makes a great partner with white fish and light meats such as…turkey!

Craft Beer Channel Beer School

Whether you’re a #totesnoob or a connoisseur of craft, the Craft Beer Channel’s first book is an informative and funny book about how great beer is made and how to make sure you enjoy it at its best. With in depth looks at how the world’s best beers were conceived and made, as well as tips on serving, tasting and ageing beers it’s a vital companion to drinking best enjoyed with a beer.


It's what's known as a "craft problem", but it's a problem nonetheless. You have a bottle of beer that's very strong – like 10% or higher – but there is only one of you. Normally you either go all in and accept you'll be going to bed early, but not with a hermetus. These amazing bottle openers are equipped with a hermetic seal so if you don't finish the bottle, it will still have a few days of life in it if you top it and leave it in the fridge. We recommend buying a few, because once you get used to being able to cap beers you'll want to have a selection ready to go at any time!

Delirium noel

From the hats on our head to the baubles on our…tree…Christmas is all about the kitsch. In Belgium they really take that notion to heart, and who are we to disagree when the beer they put on their bizarre, trippy bottles is so good? So why not get some Delirium Noel, a complex spiced dark ale with a Santa-hat-wearing pink elephant skiing on the label?

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