The all-new Beer Merchants Beer Club!

The all-new Beer Merchants Beer Club!

The all-new Beer Merchants Beer Club!

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We love the idea of a discovery club, but far too many of these are packed with short-dated beers bought to a maximum price per unit to keep costs down and are practically impossible to cancel. All that makes us more than a little sad as thats just not how beer should be enjoyed, so we decided to shake things up a bit!

We have two options available to cater to all levels of geekery:


8 incredible fresh beers delivered monthly for just £25!

Each month, you will receive 8 beers that have been freshly delivered into our warehouse. These are the beers we are currently drinking ourselves, from American IPAs to sours with the odd imperial stout thrown in for good measure. No maximum price per bottle, no bin ends, just the very best, fresh beer.

Billed on the first of each month and delivered direct from our cold store to your door by the end of that week.


6-12 carefully curated premium beers delivered quarterly for just £65!

There are a lot of beer clubs out there, but none like ours. We’ve been importing beer since 1979, and can bring in beers most can only dream of, from Cantillon to Lervig and everything in between. You’ll get between 6-12 beers each quarter, up to the value of the club, carefully curated by our beer experts to get you the very best beers available. What’s more, you’ll receive 5% discount off on & invites to special events and tastings through the year.

Billed on the first of every third month (January, April, July, October) and delivered by the end of that week.

2 months ago