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The 4 Ingredients Of Munich’s most loving beer

The 4 Ingredients Of Munich’s most loving beer

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Ever wondered how Paulaner gets that great tasting beer all year round? We wondered about this too and needed to investigate. We all fell in love with the bright golden beer, pleasantly malty with subtle notes of hops. Full-bodied, amber-colored and bottom-fermented beautiful beer. It is a true pleasure throughout the year. This is Due to their brewing style and like everything tasty in the world you have to have the finest ingredients to create the masterpiece. Paulaner does just this. With over 10,000 years of freshness since 1634 the beer is made up of 4 major ingredients that never ever change. Water, malt, hops and yeast.


I know what you are thinking, water isn't that special of an ingredient right? WRONG! Beer is made up of 90 percent of water making it the most important ingredient. Who knew something we all take for granted every day is 90 percent of this incredible mouthwatering beer. Water tastes different and can massively affect the taste of beer if not chosen correctly. Paulaner beers have been made with untouched, pure fresh water. From their very own well. It is protected from layers and layers of rock which also controls how much salt that interacts with the enzymes and beer wort. Too much salt from the water will prevent the yeast from developing it can also affect the colour change of the beer.


Malt is usually obtained from barley or wheat through a specifically controlled germination process. Paulaner get their malt from their home routes around Munich. Malt in the beer process is the base for fermentation. The mashing process converts the starch in the malt into sugar. Paulaner uses two types of the malt. Light malt and dark malt. The light malt is mainly used for brewing the famous helles beer. The dark malt is used for dark types of beer such as the Ur-Dunkel or Salvator.


If you love German and Bavarian beers, you no doubt love the Hallertau hop variety as well. Born in the Hallertauer region of Bavaria Hallertau is found most commonly in German lagers and Belgian ales. Paulaner uses unfertilized flowers of the female hop plants from hallertauer. These are then used for brewing. These contain important ingredients for brewing and give beer its typical bitters and hop flavour we all know and love.


Any lover of beer will know this is one ingredient in the beers. The yeast converts the maltose in the wort into alcohol, carbon. Yeast is a unicellular sprout that is responsible for fermentation of the beer dioxide, and heat. It multiplies by a process called sprouting. In the course of the fermentation process, the top-fermented yeast forms sprouts. These create the buoyancy that causes the yeast to rise to the surface of the young beer in the fermentation vessel.

Along with the Paulaner brewing process. It's as simple and as magical as that! 4 main Ingredients to make our famous, full of flavor delicious beer. It's no secret that we are big German beer fans here at Beer Merchants HQ. As such, we always look forward to this time of year as the Oktoberfest beers arrive and it’s usually time to party Bavarian style. Can you not pick what to try first? We have you covered this Oktoberfest.

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2 October 2020

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