Best Irish Beer at Beermerchants

Best Irish Beer at Beermerchants


Whiplash began as a side project for friends Alan & Alex back in 2016. Both already in the brewing world, they rented tanks at the weekend and released single batch small from their own place of work and other friend’s breweries around Ireland making gypsy brews for fun. Things escalated and by the end of 2017 Whiplash was born and the guys going full time, brewing Whiplash beer all over Ireland and Europe Things moved forward in 2019 and the guys moved their operation to Ballyfermot, Dublin as Whiplash headquarters complete with their own custom-designed brewhouse delivering small batches of big beers. Now with a home, a kit, and a small crew: Whiplash are in the heart of Dublin, well established and leading the way for Irish beer.


Carlow Brewing Company, also known as O’Hara’s Brewery, they craft brew traditional Irish beers and their own interpretation of international beer styles, including stouts and ales, wheat beers and lagers, all carrying the brewery founder’s family name, O’Hara’s. They are an independent, family-owned business established in 1996 and one of the pioneers of Irish craft brewing. Located in the heart of Ireland’s traditional malt and hop-growing “Barrow Valley” region. They have also recently collaborated with Wild beer for a Rugby six nations collection, obviously representing Ireland: Shoulder to Shoulder. An Irish red ale meets modern North Star Coffee flavours of berries and citrus. 





White Hag Brewery came together in late 2013, they looked to build an innovative and ambitious brewery here in Sligo. They boast an impressive eclectic team, with several skillsets and backgrounds from across 2 continents combining to create The White Hag, Sligo’s first brewery in over 100 years. They also have collaborated with many peers in the industry and have made quite the mark in the industry, known for their award-winning stout range and an excellent set of IPAs.



Guinness is an Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James's Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. Arthur Guinness started brewing ales in 1759 at the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin. On 31 December 1759, he signed a 9,000-year lease at £45 per annum for the unused brewery. Ten years later, on 19 May 1769, Guinness first exported his ale: he shipped six-and-a-half barrels to Great Britain. in 1959 Guinness began using nitrogen, which changed the fundamental texture and flavour of the Guinness of the past as nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than CO2, giving a "creamier" and "smoother" consistency over a sharper and traditional CO2 taste. The taste we all know and love. Fast forward to now and we are stocking Guinness export: Commissioned by the adventuring brewer John Martin in 1944, Guinness Special Export stout packs a punch befitting his Belgian brewery. 8% alcohol creates a strong body. Rich malty flavours combine with smoky roasted barley. Liquorice and butterscotch play supporting roles, along with molasses, hints of vanilla and dark fruit accents. An Irish stout with a continental edge.




Bullhouse (Northern Ireland) Though Bullhouse is technically Northern Ireland, we could not miss out on including this in the best Irish beers we stock. Founded back in 2016 to bring to styles of beer not commonly available in Northern Ireland, Bullhouse has become known for brewing some of the best hop-forward beers in the country. In 2021 they proved their talents, being amongst the winners of the We Are Beer “Raise the Bar” competition. They work to the following four values which determine the beers they brew, claiming it’s their responsibility to the local community and to the local environment to adhere to them. These are: • Transparency • Curiosity • Community • Creativity They also have a refreshing eye on the ball with trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, for their raw ingredients they also try to give back and use as much local produce as they can. They can also proudly boast all their base malts are proudly grown on the island of Ireland.

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2 March 2022

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