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Beer pancakes with bacon & blueberries

Beer pancakes with bacon & blueberries

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I remember the days before beer pancakes. It was a simpler time, when every breakfast wasn't a disappointment simply for NOT being beer pancakes.

This dairy free pancake recipe is so good that you will never try a different recipe again. They are the definitive pancakes, save for the fact that you can adapt them to your tastes. In fact, we've changed the recipe slightly since we made this video 2 years ago. We've made them with cinnamon and a saison, stout and chocolate drops, raisins and bock – the possibilities are nearly endless and we're yet to find a variation that doesn't work.

Except IPA. Never use IPA in a dessert recipe.

Beer Pancakes with bacon & blueberries

6 rashers of bacon
1 mug of flour
1 egg
Optional: teaspoon of cinnamon
330ml beer (whichever you fancy, we like saisons)
1 punnet of blueberries
Too much maple syrup

Lay your rashers out on a foiled tray and put in the oven. Turn it on and set it at 200C and bake for 15 minutes until crispy. Meanwhile, put the flour and cinnamon in a bowl and crack in the egg. Pour over the beer and whisk until completely smooth. Add some oil or butter to a medium-hot pan and let it heat up. Add a ladle of batter so it spreads to around 12cm then scatter over the blueberries. Wait til lots of bubbles appear in the top of the pancake then flip it. Cook for a further 2 minutes then remove to a hot plate or keep warm in a top oven while you cook the others.

You should get around 6 pancakes. Split between plates, top with the crispy bacon and pour over too much maple syrup. Dig in, never look back.

28 January 2016

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