Achel Blond

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93 % of 100
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Product Name Achel Blond
ABV % 8
Size 33cl
Brewery Abdij Achelse Kluis
Style Blonde
Country Belgium
Tasting Notes Achel 8 Blond is a medium bodied and well rounded, malty-hoppy, Blond Trappist beer. Best served in a chalice glass. Pairs well with sweet, hot or spicy foods.
crisp dry refreshing sweet
About this product

Achel 8' Blond

The Achelse Kluis was a recent addition to the Trappist offering. Although there has been an Monastery since the 12th Century, it is only recently that the Abbey has revived the brewery and started brewing again. The Achelse Kluis was a recent addition to the Trappist offering.

A pale, strong, fruity, hoppy Trappist ale from Belgium's newest Abbey brewery. Achel 8° is hard to find even in Belgium.

The Saint Benedictus Abbey of Achel is the first monastery to take up brewing in Belgium since 1931, and is one of only six Trappist breweries now operating there. In fact, the Abbey is located partly in Holland and partly in Belgium, but the brewery is in Belgium.  The new Achel 8° is only available in the bottle.

This blond, flavourful beer is a surprisingly refreshing brew at 8% alcohol by volume. It is lightly filtered, but still wholesomely hazy with yeast remaining in the bottle.

Achel Blond

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  1. Verified Buyer

    One of the newest Trappist Blonds

    You've probably read about the monastery being the founder of the newest brewery in Belgium. This is one of their 'new' beers. It is a wonderful golden colour and considering it undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle is amazingly uncloudy. It is the only Achel beer I have tried and at 8% is very refreshing and makes you want another glass. Belgian Blonds are my absolute favourite and this is one of the very best; at this price it's a bargain too!
  2. Verified Buyer

    Solid Belgian Blonde

    Lovely little beer. Sweet, light, refreshing and very quaffable.
  3. Verified Buyer


    Excellent Tripel. Can't fault it. Good value too.
  4. Very good Belgian Blonde beer

    Bright colour, smooth and light, sweet, fruity with notes of apple.