Lervig x Bin Day Brewing - Shuffleboard Release

Shuffleboard lager is the offspring of a loving collaboration between Lervig - Norway’s No. 1 brewery – and Bin Day Brewing Co, the world’s first You Tube Brewery. It draws inspiration from Mexican and Japanese lagers (the former  brewed with maize and the latter with rice).

Shuffleboard is pale yellow in colour, has a long-lasting fluffy head, and a clean crisp taste. When you drink it you'll get tropical, lime, and lemon notes, which come from two New Zealand hop varieties – Motueka and the mysterious-sounding  experimental hop, Hort9909. Lervig's legendary brewmaster, Mike Murphy, calls it his 'go-to daily drinking beer’.

Bin Day Brewing owners Robbie & Mike have had an obsession with the game of Shuffleboard ever since they first played it in Norway years ago. This collaboration with Lervig celebrates their relationship with Norway, its people, its beers, and of course Shuffleboard, the true game of kings.

If you want to find out more about Mike and Robbie’s relentless Shuffleboard rivalry, we’ve got another film about that [here].

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