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Deep, sweet and often liquorice-like, you’ll find a stormy concoction of flavours in Beer Merchants’ wide range of dark and quadruple beers and ales. Originating from Belgium, dark ales and quadruple beers are just as interesting as any of the country’s other brews, with rich fruitiness, hoppiness and maltiness in a high-ABV body. Take a trip through our extensive dark beer range below and get in touch if you have any questions.

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  1. Lervig Paragon Barley Wine 2018
    Dark & Quadruple
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If you’ve yet to sample beers and ales brewed in the Belgian quad style, leave all your dark beer assumptions by the door. These fruity, fragrant beers are nothing like British porters or stouts with their roasty, toasty flavours. No, quadruple beers go full steam ahead with richer festive fruits; raisin, banana, and liquorice are common, alongside a characteristic spiciness. They’re also a little lighter than other dark beers, with ruddy red colours that can sometimes stray onto the paler side of the spectrum. Brewers develop the flavours in dark beers and quadruple ales using local yeast strains and add candi sugar to boost the ABV, highlight the fruity sweetness and provide caramel notes. This makes them quite alcoholic and not at all bitter. Whether you’re new to the world of quadruple beers and dark Belgian ales or a huge fan of this rich and exciting style, view our range above and use the filters to whittle down your selection. We have dark ales and beers from the likes of Fremont, Abbaye de Rochefort, Huyghe and many more. For more information, visit our features section or get in touch.