The Beer Merchants Beer Subscription


Love beer?

Finding yourself ordering the same thing on a regular basis?

We’ve taken care of it by putting together a load of your favourites in a quick and easy subscription plan. Simply select your eligible beers, handpicked by the Beer Merchants team to ensure the best quality and availability, to get a case of 12 or 24 sent to your door Every Week, Bi-Weekly or each Month. It’s completely up to you!




How do I set up a subscription?

It's quick and easy to do, simply visit our subscriptions category, select the case you want and then on the product page select the option for a subscription and choose the frequency that suits you. We will then send your beer out regularly from that date onward, with no further legwork from you! To make sure you get the beer you want, we’ve put together set cases of your favourite beers ready to subscribe to right away.



What Benefits are there for subscribing?

Not only can you sit back and relax each week or month knowing your beers are on their way to you but you will still earn Beer Merchants Reward Points for the value of each case that we ship. Not only that, but for your first case order we will give you double points straight to your account. The points you collect are redeemable on any other future purchases you make with Beer Merchants, you can also monitor your growing points collection by logging into your account.



Can I keep track of my subscriptions?

Each subscription you start with Beer Merchants will show up separately in your account, giving you more flexibility with how you manage and control them. You can access and view each subscription by logging into your account and going to 'Subscriptions'. If you should ever need to end your subscription for any reason, this is the place to do it.

When can I expect delivery?

On placing your subscription order we will send out your first case immediately. After that we will dispatch your order on a regular basis depending on the selection you make when subscribing. For your shipping frequency, you can select from the following options…



Thinking about setting up your first subscription?