The CAMRA Good Beer Guide Belgium 2009

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The CAMRA Good Beer Guide Belgium 2009

In the Good Beer Guide Belgium 2009, Tim Webb does a superhuman job chronicling the staggering array of breweries, beers, and bars in the Benelux region. I have referred to my weather beaten, beer stained and thoroughly thumbed copy on many a trip to Belgium, for me the book was indispensable. You probably can't afford not to use this guide.

Not all beers or bars are created equal, even in Belgium. With a limited time and traveller's budget it would be impossible to have savoured as many beers as I have without Webb's help. Because the Benelux countries are among the most pleasant in the world and easiest to get around and travel in, you will not even need a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide--the important stuff (the beer!) is in Tim Webb's book.

You can easily find hotels, sightseeing info, and food when you are there, because the region is highly traveller-friendly. However, many of the local beer menus include thousands of offerings and so you can imagine how a guidebook like this might come in handy.

The Good Beer Guide Belgium 2009 will also help you decipher those book-long beer menus and select the right brew for you. With the guide in hand you also might find yourself in towns and villages you never would have visited otherwise, because you were drawn there for a Trappist monastery or a special little bit of brewing history.

There are a smattering of other beer guides to the region but none even come close to this one!

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