Stone (Berlin) Hazy With a Chance of Blueberries

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  • Type:White, wit & wheat
  • ABV:6.7%

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This take on the classic German Hefeweizen is a complex yet refreshing new creation that is firmly grounded in one of Germany’s most iconic beer styles, while having its head in autumn blueberry storm clouds. Yes, we realize that some (purists?) might feel it’s more legit to add artificial flavorings, colorings and sugar to their finished beer, aka Radler, under the guise of “traditional”...I know, weird, right?...however we prefer the simple all-natural addition of fresh local blueberries. It creates a more adult flavor profile that instead of being a slap in the face to the Reinheitsgebot with sugary artificial ingredients, is honoring purity with awesomeness.

brewery Stone
country German Beer
styles White, wit and wheat beer
ABV% 6.7%
Size 50cl

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