Siphon Brewing Neon

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  • Type:Pale Ale & IPA
  • ABV:7%

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NEON is a Brut IPA of 7% ABV, brewed in collaboration with Brasserie de L’Ermitage from Brussels and Garage Beer Co from Barcelona in Spain.

It is part of a special six-pack of beers—the Noble Gas Project—created with twelve other breweries to celebrate the third birthday of Siphon Brewing.

Working with Siphon Brewing on the recipe and process beforehand and attending on brewday were Nacim Menu, François Simon and Henri Ben Saria from Brussels brewery L’Ermitage and Owen Ashmore from Garage Beer Co in Barcelona.

NEON showcases the bright and juicy tropical fruit notes of the Ekuanot, Mosaic and Amarillo hop varieties used in late addition and dry-hop, with a bone-dry attenuation and crisp carbonic bite.

country Belgian Beer
styles Pale Ale and IPA Beer
brewery Siphon
ABV% 7%
Size 33cl