Paulaner Oktoberfest

Paulaner Hefe Weisse 50cl Bottle

Paulaner Hefe Weisse 50cl Bottle

Paulaner Munich Helles 50cl Can

Paulaner Munich Helles 50cl Can

98 % of 100
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Product Name Paulaner Oktoberfest
ABV % 5.6
Size 50cl
Brewery Paulaner
Style Lager
Country Germany
Tasting Notes Paulaner Oktoberfest, has rich toffee tones, which work well with BBQ
About this product
One of the original Oktoberfest beers and also one of the most loved. Paulaner Oktoberfest is a rich, full-bodied amber lager with notes of caramel, cracker, lemon and soft, green grass. Despite being 6% it drinks like a classic German helles – ultra smooth with just enough bite on the finish to clean the palate – but has the added depth from the caramalts. This seasonal classic is a brilliant fridge filler throughout September and October and is genuinely brewed within the city limits using water from the well that must be used for a beer to be served at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Paulaner Oktoberfest

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  1. Verified Buyer

    Very nice lager

    Highly recommended
  2. Probably now our fave German beer

    We are Weisse beer fans but this beer has surprised us and has become our favourite beer. It's just rich enough to be substantial and just light enough to be refreshing. A perfect balance.
  3. Verified Buyer

    The best festbier in my opinion

    Smooth, slightly sweet, malty, biscuity... a classic.
  4. Superb! Our new fave beer

    Ordered a couple to try as we are big Paulaner Hefeweisse fans. Wow! It's really tasty even though not a Weisse. It's more like a very full tasting Helles but not hoppy. Will defo be reordering
  5. Verified Buyer

    Wow! Super beer. Great quality.

    Our fave beer is Paulaner heffe Weisse & we like the Helles but this is superb. Only bought a couple to try Very rich, refreshing and nourishing without being too heavy. Will certainly buy more.
  6. Beautiful Beer

    Scrummy - transported me straight back to Oktoberfest in the 80’s!
  7. Quality - Hoping they see sense and sell it all year round.

    Quality beer. Been a while since I tried something new that was as good as this. Very flavourful yet easy drinking; not a super complex beer and have had better but this is as solid a helles/pils as you'll get. Hoping they see sense and sell it all year round. Gets a 5/5 as while definitely better beers out there, this does what it should as a simple beer to a t.
  8. Verified Buyer

    Paulaner : my second favourite

    Oktoberfest beers : my favourites / Festbiere : Meine Präferenzen: To celebrate Oktoberfest 2022, I sampled many of the best-known Festivalbiere on sale at Beer Merchants, scored them out of ten and ranked them. They’re all very high quality, some are higher than others: Weihenstephan 9/10 Paulaner 8.5/10 Schneider Weisse Tap 4 8/10 Hofbrau 7.5/10 Weltenburger Kloster 7.5/10 Späten 7/10 Hacker-Pschorr 6/10
  9. Verified Buyer

    Excellent, 8.5/10 - my second favourite festbier

    Rich, complete taste. Bottle and can equally pleasing. A high quality beer.
  10. Verified Buyer

    Fantastic beer with that Oktoberfest twist

    This beer is one of my all time favorite's clean crisp taste. A great season beer
  11. Verified Buyer

    Fantastic beer

    This beer is one of my all time favorite's clean crisp taste. A great season beer
  12. Verified Buyer

    Excellent beer

    After a few Paulaner Weise I the go onto these, very interesting after a few more.
  13. A Paulaner favourite

    A great lager, with a unique crisp taste. Paulaner is always a fantastic brand, but the Oktoberfest is a firm fav!
  14. Verified Buyer

    Good stuff

    Nice crisp taste, another of the fine Paulaner products
  15. Good and tasty

    One of my favourites and a lager I would recommend buying. A great tasting lager
  16. Paulaner 6% what more do you want

    It's Paulaner it's quality nuff said.