Omnipollo x Moksa x Bottle Logic Careme

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Product Name Omnipollo x Moksa x Bottle Logic Careme
ABV % 14
Size 33cl
Brewery Omnipollo
Style Stout
Country UK
About this product

American breweries Moksa and Bottle Logic don’t need much introduction. Dear friends and world class brewers! Last year we invited them to come brew with us and after some brainstorming it was clear that we were going for dark, thick and rich beer. Enthusiastic discussions ensued about everything from barrel selection, adjunct treatment to brewing delectable imperial stouts in general. After brewing a massive base beer on carefully selected grains, good fermentation and proper maturation. We then treated it with Sri Lankan toasted coconut before going into Willet Family Estate Bourbon barrels.

Bursting with coconut and with a nice integrated barrel character coming out of the barrel I was ready to package the beer. That is, until I texted our fearless collaborators, who immediately answered that an extra round of coconut and vanilla would "always make a beer like this more interesting". Another round of coconut and vanilla beans later, we are proud to finally present this beer to you.

Omnipollo x Moksa x Bottle Logic Careme

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