Monastic Trappist Beers Mixed case

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Chimay Bleu   +£3.35
Chimay Red   +£2.40
Westmalle Dubbel   +£2.25
Westmalle Tripel   +£3.25
La Trappe Blond   +£2.40
La Trappe Quadrupel   +£3.55
Chimay White   +£2.85
Abbaye de Rochefort 6   +£2.60
Abbaye de Rochefort 10   +£4.30
Free Glass   +£0.00
Achel 8   +£2.60

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Thanks to the labours of men who become Monks in the Benedictine way, as they have given the beer lover a selection of the finest beers in the world anything other than simply bracketed as Trappist ales. Here we have put together a selection of these Trappist brews, from Achel, Westmalle, Rochefort, Chimay, and Orval. There are rich, light, hoppy and downright decadent ales in this case, surprising considering the vow of chastity, or should that be not surprising.

Life with great beer, and no…. tough choice.