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5L Mini Beer Kegs

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting a mini keg in! Perfect for parties, celebrations or simply having plenty (5 litres to be exact) of your favourite beer on hand at home, all sorts of classic and craft breweries offer mini beer kegs nowadays. Take a look through our range from breweries like Huyghe, Paulaner and Track below and get in touch if you need any help

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If you need a boatload of beer for your next get-together or love a particular brew so much you want it on tap for whenever you fancy a tipple, our range of beer kegs for home are a great choice. Our 5L beer kegs may be more mini than their pub equivalents, but they pack the same delicious beers and a majestic pour you just don’t get from a bottle or can. Kept in your fridge, each mini draught keg is best enjoyed within 24 hours of opening (though this does differ between beers) and only requires a couple of hours to settle. Coming with approximately eight pints to enjoy, check out the Beer Merchants craft beer mini kegs range above. Contact us if you need any help and browse our features for more on beer topics.