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Lervig House Party   +£1.92
Lervig Tasty Juice   +£4.32
Lervig Pilsner 500ML   +£2.64
Lervig x Track Cheap Lunch   +£5.64
Lervig Pulp   +£3.96
Lervig x Young Master Hug Life   +£4.12
Lervig Spiked Seltzer Raspberry & Lime   +£2.52
Lervig Glass   +£3.24
Lervig Spiked Seltzer Grapefruit   +£2.52
Lervig Supersonic   +£7.00

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Fast establishing themselves as one of the best breweries in the world, Norway's Lervig used to be simply a lager brewery. After Carlsberg bought out and sold off Stravanger's only local brewery, a bunch of locals decided to start brewing again. They simply produced a pilsner that sold well locally but did little else. Then they employed Mike Murphy, formerly of Birra Del Borgo and Mikkeller, and things started to change. Their American Pale Ale, Lucky Jack, was released in 2011 and sold like wildfire, and since then Mike and his team haven't stopped reinventing styles and trialling all sorts of new techniques. In this box you'll find the best of those brews.