Kazematten Wipers Times 14

  • Type:Blonde
  • ABV:6.2%

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Wipers Times 14 is the first beer of the new Ypres Stadsbrouwerij 'Brewery Casemates', located in the unique historic casemates of 'Wooden Horse' at the Lille Gate in Ypres.

During the First World War, British troops in Ypres used the casements as mess accommodation for officers, as well as a command post and a field hospital, the whole known by the soldiers ironically as Hotel Ramparts. The new Kazematten brewery is installed there now, and the name of the new beer, Wipers Times, also comes from the First World War. “Wipers” was the British soldiers’ pronunciation of the name of the city of Ypres.

The Wipers Times was a satirical newspaper they printed in the office in one of the casements of Hotel Ramparts, with an old printing press they found. The paper was a lampoon of the situation the soldiers found themselves in, with fake advertisements offering the front-line and No Man’s Land for sale, poetry, in-jokes, including pot-shots at officers (who are not named but would have been easily identifiable), and adverts – genuine ones in this case – for local brothels.

Wipers Times was chosen as the name of the new beer as a tribute to the PBI – the soldiers’ abbreviation for themselves, standing for Poor Bloody Infantry. The blond beer of 6.5% alcohol is top-fermented and brewed using four grains and one locally grown hop. It’s finished with four herbs, including the medicinal herb known as Blessed Thistle.

country Belgian Beer
styles Blonde Beer
brewery Kazematten
ABV% 6.2%
Size 75cl

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