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Westmalle Extra Now Available

Westmalle Extra Now Available

The Trappists in Westmalle, besides their cheese mainly known for their Westmalle Dubbel and Westmalle Tripel beers, have now also released their third beer - the Westmalle Extra. This release is a 4.8 percent top-fermented Belgian Blonde, and whilst it is a new beer for us at Beer Merchants, the Extra has been brewed since the early years of the monastary. Originally developed for visitors of their abbey and then only on Fridays, will be released so that everyone can enjoy the 'table beer of the brothers'.

Westmalle Extra may well have a low alcohol content of 4.8%: it has a surprisingly full-bodied flavour. This golden blond Trappist beer has a very refreshing and thirst-quenching character. With its fruity notes and rich aromas, the Extra stands for a taste experience that is truly Westmalle.

The beer will be available through Beer Merchants and vendors of Cave Direct.

15 March 2021

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