Time to Partei! It's Starkbier Festival

Time to Partei! It's Starkbier Festival
25 February 2022 40 view(s)
Time to Partei! It's Starkbier Festival

Starkbierfest or Strong beer fest to us, is a famous beer festival in Munich, Germany where people all over celebrate by drinking strong beers, across packed beer halls and breweries. The origins of Munich’s Starkbier tradition started with a bunch of monks. The pious Paulaner brothers-of-the-cloth started brewing their Starkbier called Salvator in 1651.

They dubbed the stuff 'Flüssiges Brot' (liquid bread) as it helped them survive their 40 days of Lent fasting with full bellies and I am sure good spirits. Some Bavarian rulers began joining in the tapping of the first Starkbier kegs in the early 1700s and the first public beer festival was in 1751. Starkbier also itself has a higher calorie content and Starkbier does of course have a higher alcohol content (ranging from 7.5%-9%)

Another interesting and important part of the Starkbierfest is the tongue in cheek ‘Derblecken’ which takes place at Nockherberg a day before the main party starts. It’s a chance for the city’s residents to poke fun and jest at local politicians! It takes place the day before the festival starts, at a ceremony that marks the tapping of the first beer keg. It can be described as a kind of comedy roast, where local comedians poke fun at celebrities and politicians that have been in the news. The name is thought to have derived from the German for baring one's teeth!


One of the famous beer halls, Paulaner's Festsaal (festival hall) at Nockherberg is quite new despite all the rich history. That's because the old Paulaner Keller burned down in 1999. They still brew the famous monk beer: Salvator beer. The festival has turned into an annual sensation in Munich. The breweries hold huge parties, where the party goers hold their large steins and have a dance and singalong to Bavarian tunes.

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