The Greatest Christmas Party Ever

30 October 2015, By

The Greatest Christmas Party Ever

Christmas parties aren't known for the good beer and thrilling conversations, but it's surprising how quickly fixing the former can transform your night. Our party packs are designed to match all kinds of food, match all tastes, and make sure that no one is caught talking business with the boring boss in the novelty tie. No guarantees though.

Here's all the moment's you're going to witness, and what best to drink through them.

That moment the office prude and the office flirt get together. Essential viewing at all office parties. Photos that are promised never to be shared are shared to everyone by midnight and another year of awkward glances are abound. Beers in hand, Brewdog punk IPA, the perfect lip loosener

The music. John from accounts is a closet DJ only problem is he hasn’t done it since 1998 so your stuck with an odd mix of badly beat matched Trance and indie classics until Simone pulls the plug and just puts on an iPod. Beers in hand, John has his trusty Moritz refreshing lager and Simone has the effortless cool of a Lervig Lucky Jack.

Drunken conversations with your boss. Yes you will worry that you don’t have a job when you wake up the next morning, the only saving grace was that she was on the same level as you (you hope, pray and dream) Beer in hand you - Camden Hells, you’re beyond the tasty Pale ale land and into drinking, your boss has a can of Sierra Nevada Pale ale classic and subtle.

Confessing your true feelings of Love / Hate to that one person... Crying into their shoulder explaining how you always loved them or alternatively segueing into a conversation with “let me tell you what I’ve always thought of you!” cue drunken rant about leaving the original in the photocopier or something just as insignificant. Both will most likely end in head bowing shame and scuttling back to the drinks table. Beer in hand – Fourpure pils the perfect can for finger wagging and comfort drinks.

Finger Food. You skipped lunch because the invite circulated promised so much, however you’re left with an Iceland style buffet served by the interns. Beer Matches – Mini Samosas, Pure Sierra Nevada territory, the slight spice cut through by the dry hops in the beer. Sausage rolls, Camden Hells pairs perfectly with pork and compliments the crumbly pastry with its refreshing crisp appeal. Cheese and Pineapple on a Stick, Lervig Lucky Jack is the best for this delight it’s body can hold against the cheese but the fruity tropical hops are brought out by the pineapple. Veggie voulevant, Fourpure pils works well with light veggie options, letting the food taste be swept away by the crisp clean finish of the beer. Charcuterie aka turkey ham and finest Italian meats selection, Brewdog Punk IPA works well with bigger flavour meats, the body holds the beer down whilst the hops work well as a palate cleanser. Trifle, the ultimate party dessert backed up by Moritz the best party beer, easy going and refreshing it never lets you down.

BONUS. Remember to drink responsibly(ish) you want to be the person with memories in the morning right? So drink water at points throughout the night even if it’s just to not ruin your palate between beers.

To make your party go as well as this one buy one of our Party Packs. They come in various sizes and include all the beers mentioned above...