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The Best Oktoberfest Beers

The Best Oktoberfest Beers

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Oktoberfest at home: the best beers, steins, cases and more

Cancel your plans for the end of September! Although the world’s most famous beer festival may not be taking place this year, there’s still plenty of reasons to enjoy Oktoberfest at home.

Now, this isn’t any regular brew-tastic celebration. If you’re hosting an Oktoberfest party or enjoying a tasty stein on your own (perhaps while listening to classic oom-pah music or a Wagner opera – no judgement here), it makes sense to get hold of the best official Oktoberfest beers.

To ensure you get the tastes of the world’s best beer festival delivered to your doorstep, Beer Merchants has all the traditional Oktoberfest German beer brands you need. If you fancy celebrating in true German style, check out our guide to hosting your own Oktoberfest at home too!

Grab the best Oktoberfest beers

Enjoying the tastes of Oktoberfest at home is all about getting hold of the beers you’d enjoy at the festival in Munich. Thankfully, our beers of the season have officially arrived, helping you experience the festival with the help of Paulaner. Choose from their ambers, lagers, wheat beers and more, with irresistible fruity and chocolate flavours for your at-home Oktoberfest.

Paulaner Oktoberfest

*Oktoberfest Special*

Paulaner’s original Oktoberfest beer. This full-bodied amber lager offers you a smooth, easy-to-drink beer. Experience its rich, toffee tones with a hint of cracker, lemon and soft green grass. This is the beer to keep stocked over the Oktoberfest weekend!


Paulaner Oktoberfest Can

*Oktoberfest Special*

One of the traditional Oktoberfest beers, but in a can. Explore the same caramel, citrusy tastes of this fan-favourite Oktoberfest beer from a handy can. Fill your fridge fast, though – this beer is an Oktoberfest exclusive and will be gone before you know it!


Paulaner Weissbier

*Germany’s No.1 Weissbier*

Mix up your Oktoberfest party drinks with one of Germany's best-selling Weissbiers. This gorgeous wheat beer goes down just as easily as Paulaner’s Oktoberfest favourites, and its fruity flavours will have you coming back for more. There’s a reason it’s number one!


Share a keg for Oktoberfest at home

Want more of the beer you love? Get the official Oktoberfest beer but in a handy mini keg, perfect for keeping the Bavarian culture flowing all weekend with family and friends. Don't miss a moment – get your fridge stocked with our range of mini keg deals below!

Paulaner Oktoberfest beer 1 litre can & glass Stein

*Oktoberfest Special*

Caramelised, sweet, and malty – but bigger! Experience Paulaner's Oktoberfest traditional beer in a larger form with packaging that will take you back to the sights and attire of the festival. You’ll even get a glass Oktoberfest stein thrown in!


Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Mini Keg and Free Glass

*Germany’s No.1 Weissbier*

Five litres of crisp, refreshing, and fruity flavours packed into a mini keg showing off the well-known Paulaner Weissbier branding – the perfect centrepiece for your Oktoberfest at home. Enjoy it from your own Weissbier glass, free when you buy a Hefe-Weizen Mini Keg!


Paulaner Munich Hells Mini Keg

Enjoy the rich taste of Münchner Hell with a light hoppy finish. The smooth, crisp taste is the perfect accompaniment to Paulaner's Oktoberfest beers, providing a natural, rich alternative to the festival favourites.


Explore our Oktoberfest beer cases

Struggling to choose Oktoberfest party drinks that will satisfy every guest coming to your party? Consider bringing a mixed case into the festivities to provide a selection of mouth-watering beers that will fit the theme perfectly.

Paulaner Oktoberfest At Home Mixed Case

*Oktoberfest Special*

Get everything you need for a brilliant Oktoberfest at home in one with our Paulaner Oktoberfest at Home Case. It includes all the traditional Oktoberfest beers, steins, and even hats to make you feel like an honorary Bavarian. You can’t go wrong with this mixed case, bringing the Bavarian style in both taste and attire!


Paulaner Fridge Filler Pack - 12 for the price of 10

If you’re a Paulaner fan looking for your all-time favourite Oktoberfest party drinks to start the celebrations, our Paulaner fridge filler is the perfect pack for you. Including a mix of 12 beers for the price of 10, you'll find a mouth-watering selection of Paulaner Münchner Hell and Weissbier inside that are sure to keep the party going while you jig along to traditional Bavarian tunes!


German Beer Mixed Case (10 BEERS & A FREE GLASS)

Every German beer you’ll need to get in the Munich groove. Explore a mixture of Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Andechs, and Augustiner as part of your at-home Oktoberfest festivities. The perfect mix of lagers and wheat beers, benefiting from the masterful experience of long-standing German breweries. Enjoy them all from a free glass included when you order your case too!


Fill up a classic Oktoberfest stein

Find yourself struggling to provide glasses for all your guests? Feel like a typical pint glass just won’t cut it for classic German beers? Ditch the plastic cups and bring a true Bavarian vibe to the party by providing some glass Oktoberfest steins for guests to enjoy.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Glass

*Oktoberfest Special*

Bearing the Paulaner logo of Francis of Paola, along with their Oktoberfest beer branding, this stein won’t be around for long. Grab yours before the festival is out!


Paulaner 1litre Stein

Usable at any time, this classic stein features the Paulaner logo in bold, striking colours. No need to put this one away when the Oktoberfest is over – with it, keep the beers flowing year around.


Enjoy a brilliant Oktoberfest 2021 with our great selection of Oktoberfest beers, cases, steins and more. View our Oktoberfest range in its entirety, our Oktoberfest deals, and get in touch with our experts if you have any issues. Visit our features section to learn more.

11 September 2020

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