The best Father's day beer gifts

1 June 2017, By

The best Father's day beer gifts

This year for Father’s Day we thought long and hard about our gift selection. We’re bored of all the cases of “dad beer” – otherwise known as crap real ale – because most Dads (and Mums) have great taste and we don’t need to patronise them.

So we teamed up with Heartier, who deliver quality ingredients fresh from their favourite local producers, to create the ultimate meat and beer case. Not only do you get some incredible sausages and black pudding for breakfast and a pork loin for lunch, you’ll get four incredible steaks and a beer to match.

On top of that we’ve put together some delicious beer gifts that include stunning bottles and cans, branded glassware and even merch. You could mix and match to come up with something special, or just pick from our selection of mixed cases. Whatever you do we guarantee a happy dad with plenty of great ale and not a dud in sight.

Proper Father’s Day Box with Heartier

Get everything you need to create the perfect Father’s Day. In this incredible box you get breakfast (sausages, bacon, black pudding), lunch (a gorgeous free-range pork loin) and dinner – four aged steaks matched with a can of the award-winning Tiny Rebel Cwtch. Not only that, we’ve slipped in a recipe card with the secrets to fantastic steak. And as a Beer Merchants customer you get 20% off!

De Halve Maan Mixer

One of the biggest sellers on our site, De Halve Maan is the legendary brewery behind Brugse Zot. In this box you’ll get three each of the blond and brune, as well as two of the world-class Straffe Hendrik beers from the same brewery. To top it all it comes with their iconic stemmed goblet so you dad can feel like a king for a day.

Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition

A strong blonde ale in the vein of Duvel, but this time aged in oak barrels to add vanilla and oak notes to the spiced banana bread body. Gulden Draak make sensational strong beers and this is no exception, especially matched with strong hard cheese or a crumble or apple pie.

Tiny Rebel Fubar sweatshirt

Everyone loves a logo sweatshirt, especially a middle-aged man in a logo sweatshirt, so why not treat your dad to some trend drinking attire in Tiny Rebel’s awesome merch?

Lervig/Hop Locker/Beer Merchants Simcoe

Is your dad a hophead? If so he’ll love our collab with London’s best pop-up bar the Hop Locker and Lervig – simcoe. It’s an IPA double dry hopped with Simcoe for all that dank, juicy fruitiness, amplified by soft peachy aromas from the yeast and a thick, smooth mouthfeel from all the oats and wheat.

Chimay Grande Reserve Rhum Veille En Barriques

A rum-barrel aged version of Chimay’s seminal Blue? This is a truly special gift and one of the most exciting beers ever to come out of a Trappist brewery. The rum adds a wicked booziness and hints of caramel and oak to a beer rich with banana, raisin and dates. It’s absolutely stunning, and ideal with a cheese board after a perfect Father’s Day meal.

Kwak gift set

Kwak is a sensation on our website, and despite being 8% is sold by the case every day. To be fair, the beer is delicious with its banana, brown bread and caramel notes, but the glass is what sells it. Utterly impractical but somehow very satisfying to drink from there’s no sillier way to make your dad feel special this Father’s Day.