The best Father's day beer gifts

The best Father's day beer gifts
6 June 2023 55 view(s)
The best Father's day beer gifts

Celebrate Father’s Day in style with our handpicked selection of the best Father’s Day beer gifts! Whether it’s your dad, grandad, step-dad, or someone who has been like a dad to you, we have the perfect beer gift to make their day extra special. With our wide range of options starting from around £10, you can find a gift that suits their taste and shows your appreciation. 

Get ready to share the joy of beer this Father’s Day with our top picks for the ultimate beer gifts: 


Father’s Day Mixed Case 

Introducing the Father’s Day Mixed Case – the ultimate beer gift for your father figure. This carefully curated selection includes eight exceptional craft beers sources from around the world, offering a diverse range of flavours and styles. Complete with a glass for optimal enjoyment and a Beer Merchants branded bottle opener, it’s the perfect way to create lasting memories and indulge your father figure’s love for craft beer.

Give him the gift of a great craft beer experience with our limited-edition Father’s Day Mixed Case! 

Brugse Zot Gift Pack

This gift pack is the ideal choice for those who appreciate the art of Belgian brewing. With its combination of two bottles of Brugse Zot Blond and two bottles of Brugse Zot Dubbel, accompanied by a branded glass, it’s the perfect choice for Belgian beer lovers. 

Please note: Brugse Zot Gift Packs are in limited availability, so make sure to secure yours in advance to guarantee a truly remarkable Father’s Day celebration. 


Paulaner Munich Hells Mini Keg 

Looking for a little more this Father’s Day?  With a 5-litre capacity, this mini keg provides an ample supply of Paulaner’s Munich Lager, ensuring that every sip is as crisp and flavourful as if it were straight from the tap.  It adds a touch of novelty and excitement to Father’s Day festivities, making it a memorable gift that goes beyond the ordinary. 


Kwak Gift Pack 

The perfect silly Father’s Day surprise – the Kwak Gift Pack. This set combines the delicious Kwak beer with its iconic stirrup-shaped glass. Utterly impractical, yet incredibly satisfying to drink from, the iconic glass adds an extra touch of whimsy and uniqueness to the beer drinking experience.  Unleash the fun and flavour of Kwak on Father’s Day and celebrate with a gift set that captures the essence of Belgian brewing traditions in a playful and memorable way!


Delirium Tremens Gift Pack

This exclusive pack includes four 330ml bottles of the World Beer Award-Winning Delirium Tremens; renowned for its exceptional taste and quality. Complete with a signature glass adorned with the famous Pink Elephant motif, this gift pack offers the full Delirium Tremens experience! 

Please note: Delirium Tremens Gift Packs are in limited availability, so make sure to secure yours in advance! 


Beer Gift Card

Is your father a picky beer drinker? Give them the opportunity to explore the world of craft beers available on the Beer Merchants site with our beer gift card! With values ranging from £10 up to £200, there’s a card for every beer lover. Provide your father with the joy of choosing his own craft beer adventure.