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...So what is a Baltic Porter?

...So what is a Baltic Porter?

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So what is a Baltic porter?

Well, lets look at the history, during the 1700 and 1800s it was one of the most popular brews around, and it did keep going in various forms, however after World War 2, Western culture had forgot about the style, and it was not until the fall of the Iron Curtain it began to become popular and have a resurgence, especially in the Baltic porter breweries in Germany in the 1990s.


It's origins lay in countries around the Baltic Sea: Poland and Russia etc. The Baltic porter gained fame when introduced to London’s working class: porters, who often loaded ships and traded with the Baltic states — This giving it the name the Baltic porter. The Baltic porter share the same family as dark beers and imperial stouts, they typically also have notes of cocoa, coffee, nuts, and chocolate, and contain relatively high alcohol contents.




Also to note: They go really well with the likes of steaks and burgers! Grab one of our favourites from Pohjala, where they are celebrating a day around Baltic porters with a stout to match!


17 January 2022

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