25 April 2019, By


When it comes to hype breweries in Europe, it doesn’t get much bigger than Omnipollo. Starting in 2011 by two Swedes with a shared vision of changing the perception of beer — forever. They brew a plethora of styles to explore what beer has and can become. The joint and equal partnership between brewer Henok Fentie and graphic artist Karl Grandin their creative process has come to resemble the work shop of other pop cultural expressions such as music.

Their beers are always a collaborative effort and they brew at breweries in all corners of the world. This approach means they get to stay curious, grounded and tuned in.

Omnipollo have continued to push the boundaries of beer with their iconic soft-serve IPA’s and massive Imperial stouts infused with flavourings and adjuncts to make you questions what actually makes a beer. They certainly don’t pay any attention to the Reinheitsgebot.

We are super excited to be importing these off-the-wall beery sensations into the UK and you can find the latest selection HERE