Oktoberfest Deals – Special Beer Offers For 2021

Oktoberfest Deals – Special Beer Offers For 2021
6 September 2019 2023 view(s)
Oktoberfest Deals – Special Beer Offers For 2021

Guten Morgen beer lovers!

It's no secret we are big German beer fans here at Beer Merchants towers. As such, we always look forward to this time of year as the Oktoberfest deals arrive and we get ready to party – Bavarian style!

That said, this year, you know what has put the brakes on everyone’s favourite festival. But that’s not to say we can't all still celebrate the best of Bavaria. To help the libations flow just as merrily, we’ve decided to put together some incredible German beer deals to help toast the season. From Oktoberfest 2021 packages to mini kegs and our special litre can and stein deal, there’s a beer offer for everyone.


Classic Oktoberfest beer cases

Packed to the beer hall rafters with amazing Oktoberfest deals, our beer cases have everything you need to get the party started. Whether you know exactly what you want or are new to the world of German beer deals, there’s something for everyone in our online beer offers.

Take our Paulaner Oktoberfest at Home Mixed Case. Available for 25% off at £38.78, it has everything you and your mates need to ring in the festival. The beer deal features two of everything – Oktoberfest pint glasses, Hefeweizen wheat beer, Oktoberfest beer, and Münchner Hell lager – plus two felt Oktoberfest hats!

Then there’s our Paulaner Oktoberfest Mixed Case. Perfect for one, it comes with bottles and cans of Paulaner’s Münchner Hell lager, their special Oktoberfest beer, Weissbier, and a Paulaner Oktoberfest hat. At just £25 and with delivery included, it’s got everything you need to go Bavarian this autumn.

Keg beer deals for Oktoberfest

Got friends or family heading over for an Oktoberfest party and want a cost-effective German beer deal to tide you over? Maybe you’re in love with delicious Paulaner beer and want tipples on tap for the whole of the beer festival? If either of these sounds like you, a keg is a great shout.

We’ve got beer offers on our – five litres of bright and hoppy, fresh and lightly carbonated lager for just £20. This is one of the finest Oktoberfest lagers out there (if not one of the best lagers, period) and a perfect accompaniment to any party.

And if lager isn’t your thing, the Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Mini Keg is a good choice. Weighing in at a beer deal-icious £22 for five litres, this 5.5% ABV wheat beer is light, crisp, and refreshing, with lots of fruity flavours to boot.

Enjoy non-alcoholic Oktoberfest deals

Oktoberfest doesn’t need to be awash with alcohol. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options to choose from if you want to cut down on your units. To make sure everyone can enjoy an Oktoberfest deal, our Alcohol-Free Mixed Case is on hand with all the beers you need.

For 10% off over Oktoberfest, you can get two Paulaner Hefe Weisse Alcohol-Free beers, as well as a range of brilliant alcohol-free IPAs and pale ales from the likes of Omnipollo, Tiny Rebel and Lervig. All three are celebrated European breweries, so you can buy this beer special offer safe in the knowledge you’re getting some great beers to enjoy over Oktoberfest!

Celebrate Oktoberfest with UK beer deals

Sure, while Oktoberfest is a decidedly German beer festival, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t eschew British brewers who have had a crack at the German craft, and we’ve got the online beer deal to suit.

In our UK Mixed Lager Case, available for £25.88 at 10% off, you get the likes of Magic Rock, Lost and Grounded, Siren, Newbarns, and Braybrooke breweries, plus a free glass to enjoy them in. Each is a British take on classic German lager, so expect pils, keller and all your other favourites – plenty of refreshment for your Oktoberfest party.

Beer offers off the beaten track

If lagers and white beers aren’t to your taste, we’ve still got beer offers to help you along throughout Oktoberfest.

Our Lervig Mixed Case, available for £31.12 at a whopping 20% off, has a huge variety of the celebrated Norwegian brewery’s beers – a great selection if you like trying new and interesting crafts.

Then there’s The White Hag Mixed Case. Just £26.45 at 15% off, this set comes with the Irish brewery's best beers, including Dark Druid Black Forest, Ninth Wave, and Festa Nuda. Get County Sligo’s finest for less this Oktoberfest!

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Beer Merchants!

While we can’t invite you to our taproom for Oktoberfest this year, our Oktoberfest beer for sale, deals, and offers are all on hand to make sure you can ring in the Bavarian festivities the right way.

Check out our entire Oktoberfest range, get in touch if you need any help, and visit our features section for more articles.