Love in a Glass: The Most Memorable Craft Beers for Valentine's Day

Love in a Glass: The Most Memorable Craft Beers for Valentine's Day
7 February 2023 171 view(s)
Love in a Glass: The Most Memorable Craft Beers for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a special occasion that is best celebrated with the perfect gifts. Beautiful dried flower bouquets, a box of chocolates, and a selection of incredible craft beers can make for a perfect and thoughtful gesture. Love, romance, and beer have long gone hand in hand, offering the perfect combination of flavour, comfort, and connection. Whether it's a cosy night in, a romantic dinner, or a festive celebration, craft beer provides a touch of magic to any moment spent with someone you love. The rich, complex flavours of these carefully crafted brews create a sensory experience that's as special as the occasion itself, igniting the taste buds and sparking the imagination. From sweet and fruity fruit beers to robust and full-bodied stouts, there's a beer out there for every type of love story.



Just as a great beer is carefully crafted with the right balance of ingredients, a strong relationship is built on a foundation of trust, communication, and mutual understanding. Like beer, relationships require patience, attention, and a willingness to continuously refine and improve. A great beer can bring people together, inspiring conversation and connection, just as a healthy relationship fosters closeness and intimacy. And just as a beer's flavour can evolve and deepen over time, a strong relationship can grow and deepen, becoming more flavorful and fulfilling with each passing year. So whether you're raising a glass to your love of beer, or your love for another person, the two are connected by the shared ideals of balance, dedication, and the pursuit of happiness. So raise a glass, savour the moment, and toast to love, romance, and the enduring magic of craft beer.

So, whether you're looking for something light and refreshing, or something bold and flavorful, there's a craft beer out there that's perfect for you and your sweetheart. Here are some of the best craft beers for Valentine's Day:


Chocolate Beers:
If you and your partner have a sweet tooth, then a chocolate beer might be just what you're looking for. These beers are made with real chocolate and cocoa nibs, giving them a rich, decadent flavour that's perfect for a special occasion. Chocolate and beer may seem like an unusual pairing, but for those with a love for both indulgences, a chocolate-infused beer can be the perfect romantic treat. With a rich and creamy texture, chocolate beers offer notes of cocoa, vanilla, and dark fruit, making them ideal for sipping on a cosy night in with your significant other. Whether you prefer a sweeter stout or a crisp porter, the addition of chocolate elevates the beer to new heights and makes for a unique and indulgent experience. Whether paired with dessert or simply enjoyed on its own, a chocolate beer is a luxurious and romantic way to celebrate love.

  1. Omnipollo x CAMBA Free Lunch Chocolate Vanilla Pretzel Imperial Stout
    Omnipollo x CAMBA Free Lunch Chocolate Vanilla Pretzel Imperial Stout
    Regular Price £11.90 Special Price £6.00
  2. Floris Chocolate
    Floris Chocolate

Fruit Beers:
For a lighter and more refreshing option, consider a fruit beer. Fruit beers can add a touch of romance to any occasion with their unique and playful flavour profiles. From tangy sour cherry beers to sweet raspberry stouts, these beers can be the perfect complement to a romantic picnic, a candlelit dinner, or a cozy night in. The fruity notes and playful carbonation of a fruit beer can help to create a lighthearted and intimate atmosphere, making it the perfect drink for a date or special occasion. Whether you're sharing a bottle with your significant other or sipping on a fruity cider with friends, these beers are a delicious way to celebrate love and romance.

  1. Lindemans Kriek Cherry Lambic 3.5% 25cl Bottle
    Lindemans Kriek
    97 % of 100
  2. Delirium Red
    Delirium Red
    96 % of 100
  3. Mongozo Coconut
    Mongozo Coconut
    86 % of 100
  4. Lindemans Framboos Framboise Raspberry Lambic
    Lindemans Framboise 25cl
    100 % of 100
  5. Fruli Strawberry
    Fruli Strawberry
    90 % of 100

Belgian Dubbels:
Belgian Dubbels are known for their rich, malty and slightly sweet flavour profile that can bring a touch of sophistication and romance to any special occasion. These dark, complex beers are brewed with a blend of speciality malts and yeast strains that give them notes of dark fruit, caramel, and toffee. Dubbels are typically medium to full-bodied, making them a perfect match for rich and flavorful foods. Enjoying a glass of Belgian Dubbel on a romantic evening can help enhance the ambience, adding a touch of elegance and indulgence to your evening. 

  1. Westmalle Dubbel
    Westmalle Dubbel
    98 % of 100
  2. Abbaye de Rochefort 6
    Abbaye de Rochefort 6
    90 % of 100
  3. Chimay Red
    Chimay Red
    100 % of 100
  4. La Trappe Dubbel
    La Trappe Dubbel
    90 % of 100
  5. Abbaye de Rochefort 8
    Abbaye de Rochefort 8
    93 % of 100

Stout Beers:
Stouts are a rich and indulgent style of beer, making them the perfect companion for a romantic evening. The complex flavour profile of stouts can range from coffee and chocolate notes to hints of fruit and roasted nuts. One example of a standout stout is Lervig's 3 Bean Stout, a smooth and creamy beer brewed with tonka, cocoa and vanilla beans. The deep, decadent flavour of stouts can be the perfect match for a cosy night in, paired with a rich dessert or even enjoyed as an after-dinner drink. Sipping on a rich and decadent stout can be a moment of pure bliss, making it the perfect addition to any romantic evening.

  1. Tiny Rebel Sleigh Puft The Caramel One
    Tiny Rebel Sleigh Puft The Caramel One
    Regular Price £4.00 Special Price £3.60
  2. Amundsen Super Santa
    Amundsen Super Santa
    70 % of 100
  3. Omnipollo x Moksa x Bottle Logic Careme
    Omnipollo x Moksa x Bottle Logic Careme
  4. Siren Broken Dream Can
    Siren Broken Dream Can
    100 % of 100

Pale Ales / IPAs:
Pale Ales and IPAs can also be a great choice for a romantic evening, though their flavour profile is quite different from the more traditional romantic beers. Pale Ales typically have a lighter flavour profile compared to IPAs, with a mild hop presence and a balanced maltiness. They are easy-drinking beers that can be enjoyed alongside a meal or as a refreshing drink. IPAs are characterized by their bold hop flavour, which can range from citrusy to piney to tropical. They are hoppy and bitter, making them a good option for those who enjoy bolder flavours. In both styles, the key is to look for a beer that has a well-balanced flavour profile, with a moderate hop presence and a smooth finish. Whether it's a classic pale ale or a fruity IPA, a great beer can help set the mood. 

No matter what type of craft beer you choose, make sure to enjoy it in moderation, and don't forget to savor the moment with your loved one. If you fancy getting Happy Valentine's Day!