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It's not just about Beer: Our fave merch

It's not just about Beer: Our fave merch

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It's not just about Beer: (it is really.) We do have to note though, alongside all this excellent beer, some of the brands also boast some ace graphics and merchandise, from the elusive and sought after Cantillon stuff to the down right absurd Zot jester hat and some ace glassware to boot, We have you covered for the hardcore collectibles to the always ready gifters. So here it is.... Our fave merch:


Johnny Garrett knows beers , this book boasts his vast knowledge. The book is peppered with delicious food recipes, explorations of the UK’s modern brewing scene and deep dives into the histories and unlikely origins of our favourite styles – all bringing it back to the context in which we enjoy them – not just the season, not just the weather, but the people and the places that make them unique. 



What more could you want? Show your loyalty to with something everyone needs, functionality meets cult like following. Let everyone know how and where you get the best of the best beers,  Aaso a handy fridge magnet so you never need to use your teeth or keys again. 

Its a jester hat, a novel nod to Brugse Zot's logo. What more do you want? New years eve house party headwear? We have you covered. 

The elusive and must have for all beer connoiseurs, Cantillon. Classic iconic logo on a thick heavy cotton hoodie in an everyday style         colourway. If its not broke, dont fix it. 



So you drink Lervig yeah? Well now you can wear Lervig, it will 100% make your head warmer and 100% make you look cooler.

Ok? Ok.


Delirium has one of the best logos handdown, but you might want to learn a little more about it other then it does excellent beer and has one of the best logo's ever. Well now you can! Learn the history of Huyghe Brewery with this book, some fantastic insider info and some amazing historic photos.  A must for any delirium collector. 



Garage beers make lots of really tasty beers, they also make this tote bag, which really helps when you want to buy more garage beers and carry them around? it makes sense. so buy it yeah?








17 January 2022

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