Introducing: Bullhouse Brew Co

Introducing: Bullhouse Brew Co
4 February 2022 27 view(s)
Introducing: Bullhouse Brew Co

We are always scouting the best and brightest in the world of beer and breweries and bringing into the roster new talent for Beer Merchants. We look to Ireland for this next brand we are proud to welcome into the fold. Here we have: Bullhouse Brew Co.


Founded back in 2016 to bring to styles of beer not commonly available in Northern Ireland, Bullhouse has become known for brewing some of the best hop-forward beers in the country. In 2021 they proved their talents, being amongst the winners of the We Are Beer “Raise the Bar” competition.

They work to the following four values which determine the beers they brew, claiming it’s their responsibility to the local community and to the local environment to adhere to them. These are:

• Transparency • Curiosity • Community • Creativity

They also have a refreshing eye on the ball with trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, for their raw ingredients they also try to give back and use as much local produce as they can. They can also proudly boast All their base malts are proudly grown on the island of Ireland.




They also naturally carbonate their beers using the CO2 produced during fermentation and have eliminated tank to tank transfers, further reducing their environmental impact! Excellent work from this exciting Irish Brewery. We look forward to seeing how they grow from strength to strength.

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