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Frank Boons Amazing Legacy And The Beer That Tells It.

Frank Boons Amazing Legacy And The Beer That Tells It.

In 1975, Frank Boon founded Boon Brewery situated in Belgium, Lembeek near Brussels, mainly crafting Geuze and Kriek beer of the traditional Lambic variety.


Over building up the brewery, with a little help from the Leuven bank that wanted to lend him the money for the purchase of the Geuze distillery of René De Vits, the journey was truly on its way.

It took two years to build the brewing hall. It was a traditional, second-hand brewing hall. Frank brewed the first test brew himself on 6 September 1990.
In October 1990, the first Lambic brew was made. For example, there was finally a Lambic brewery in Lembeek. From '92 onwards, all Geuze Boon consisted of 100% home-brewed Lambic.



Now 44 years later he is passing on the torch to his two sons: Jos and Karel.
With this passing, it only felt right to pay tribute to this outstanding legacy and create a new type of beer: Apogee.

This beer has been blended with the oldest and newest foeder at the brewery, this symbolising the succession of Boons Brewery and also the next generation of brewers.

With that said, We are proudly the exclusive first stockist partners in the U.K to sell this amazing new piece of beer history: the Frank Boon apogee.







14 January 2022

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