Brexit doesn't mean Beerxit

29 March 2017, By

Brexit doesn't mean Beerxit

It’s fair to say that we met the referendum result with dismay. Regardless of any political or emotional ties, Brexit is bad for the beer business. It has raised prices on imported and local beer, weakened our currency, and raised concerns that many brewers will soon be kicked out the country.

But we’re not here to be all doom and gloom, we’re here to say that despite it all we love all European beer. We love Belgian yeasts and bad branding, we are addicted to moreish German lagers and weissbiers, Spain’s obsession with hops gets us hot under the collar and hell, even France makes some decent beer.

So on this dark day of Article 50 being triggered, we’re offering you 10% off all our European beer to keep you drinking delicious continental beer. Actually we’re giving you 10% off all countries, because beer is the great social enabler. From the moment some guy got accidently drunk off some off grain in Sumeria 6,000 years ago up to today where we are part of perhaps the most diverse and exciting start-up industries in the world.

So take pride in both drinking local and internationally. Remember that the malts could be German, the hops American and the yeast Belgian. Beer if proof that humans all over have more things that bring them together than divide them.

We may have Brexit to deal with, but we don’t have to have Beerxit.

Please note, this discount code was active for a limited time only and has since expired.