Brewery Bingo Night at Hops & Glory!

1 August 2016, By

Brewery Bingo Night at Hops & Glory!

We have a business idea and we’re prepping Crowdcube page, so don’t bother trying to steal it. The concept is simple. Bingo and craft beer.

We all love Mecca bingo – the thrill of chasing numbers across the page, the wordplay of the bow-tied dead-behind-the-eyes announcer. But wouldn’t it be better if this much-loved British tradition was given a craft kick up the arse?

And so we’re proud to present Brewery Bingo! All the thrill of Mecca Bingo without the bad beer and faint smell of urine. We’re hosting our first ever event at the Hops & Glory in Islington as part of London Beer City and in collaboration with Lervig brewery!

Join us on Thursday 11th August for a night of bingo rounds, quick-fire quizzes, amazing Lervig beers and even better prizes. We’re be offering Lervig stash, rare bottles and bar tabs as we battle across the board of numbers.

The first game is at 7pm, it costs £3 for the whole night and who knows what you might win? No wonder craft beer’s bingo-ing mad…