Announcing our partners for Good Company!

24 November 2017, By

Announcing our partners for Good Company!

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Inspiration is an over-used word these days, but the main motive behind Good Company Blendery was that we were inspired. That inspiration comes from some of the most exciting and authentic brewers in the world.

Since the moment beer was discovered, likely by some curious Sumerians around 6,000BC, humans have endeavoured to get the process of fermentation under control. The first inoculation was by accident, after which superstition took hold, as “brewers” used the same clay pots to make their beer believing they were blessed. Fast forward to today and science has taken over where religion fell short. Steel, copper, caustic, glycol have taken over and help produce some of the most delicious and exciting liquids on the planet.

But to forget your roots is to lose something, and at Beer Merchants we take great joy in the historic side of brewing. Beers from the wood, wild ferments, use of local and traditional beer ingredients. Many Belgian brewers have stuck to their guns, fashion be damned, continuing to make the style of tart, natural beer they love through tough economic times. Where modern brewing looks for consistency, traditional brewing willingly casts it aside.

And now, out the other side, those inspired by these breweries are getting involved too. We’ve watched Allagash, Jester King and Russian River install coolships and start to release spontaneous beer, and now a host of British breweries, and that is where our inspiration comes from. Every one of those breweries will make something unique – in fact every barrel within those breweries will make something unique.

We’re very proud to announce that to make our own lambic-inspired blends we’ll be using three of the most exciting new spontaneous producers in the world – Wild Beer Co, Burning Sky and the soon-to-open Duration. All of whom have built or are building their own coolships to cool the wort, and are delighted to be on board for the UK’s first dedicated sour blendery.

“As soon as we heard about the project we wanted to get involved in as big a way possible,” says Brett Ellis, head brewer at Wild Beer Co. “It's a great honour for us to be recognised and partnered with The Good Company blendery. I feel this is coming at the perfect time for the UK beer scene. Pushing boundaries and expectations has been Wild Beer Co's USP from day one, so we are very eager to get creating with some new components and materials.”

We would describe ourselves as professional amateurs, so we’re going to be using the expertise of the amazing people we have on board for this project to make sure we produce something exciting. To count Mark Tranter among the contributors is not only exciting for his experise, but also because we are kindred spirits, having championed deeply unfashionable beers along side us for years.

Cave have been fighting the good fight for many years," says Mark, "supplying Gueuze and other Belgian wonders when they were far from trendy but to us at Burning Sky, this project shows a level of maturity and faith in the UK beer scene we have been yearning for. When I first saw the news from Cave that they were opening a bar in London, we immediately got in touch just to reiterate our excitement and to say, 'if we could be of any help, just shout!'. Then here we are a few weeks later, absolutely stoked to be announcing that we will be supplying innoculated wort to the blendery from our coolship. This is something that cannot be swayed by trends - the Cave guys are nailing their hearts to their sleeves and we are humbled to be on board."

All three breweries have said they will happily share all their expertise, and coming from brewery legends such as Burning Sky's Mark Tranter, that means we will be learning from the best. This air of collaboration is the inspiration behind the name Good Company Blendery, as explained here.

“It’s great spontaneous beer is getting the renaissance it deserves,” adds (Derek) Bates, founder of Duration Brewing. “We will be doing all we can to help the blendery come into being and to be a roaring success. We will be providing the wort made in our coolship for starters, and we are already plating up some petri dishes at the site to see what our wild inoculates will create. We will share our inception designs and let them observe the build out of our place and when operational I’ll give training and some practical sessions on the coolship, using foeders and all the mother strain good stuff we’ll have going on.”

There’s still time to help us fund the blendery, taproom and bottleshop so click here now and double your money in the form of a bar tab for the pub!