A guide to beer & Chocolate matching

27 March 2018, By

A guide to beer & Chocolate matching

Beer and chocolate are the most obvious of matches. One is known for its sweet, dark decadence, the other for its dry and bright notes. But there are no hard and fast rules in beer and food matching, and often contrast is where the most fun is to be had. There aren't many other foods that offer so much potential to play around and enhance flavours, and more importantly, this is a chance to reclaim the kiddie chocolate fest that is Easter for us adults.

Below are simply suggestions. You can use them as a guide and pick beers around the styles and breweries we've picked, but be warned that IPAs have no place here and short of white chocolate, all blond beers will struggle a little. Enough waffle (there is another beer and food article right there), here are the best beers to have with your chocolate this Easter. Or any time, really.

Boon Kriek - dark chocolate

Cherry and chocolate were born to go together. That said, don’t go picking any old cherry lambic – you do have to be a bit careful. If you’re matching with dark chocolate you’ll want a little bit of sweetness, so we recommend Boon Kriek, which still has lots of residual sugars but also lots of funky, rich cherry notes that create that amazing Black Forest Gateau vibe. Lindemans would also work really well too if you have a sweeter tooth. The final option is Fruli. We don’t know how we feel about recommending that, but dang is it deliciously trashy.

De Dolle Export Stout - dark chocolate

By far the least wild of De Dolle’s beers, this amazing imperial stout takes a fair amount of inspiration from Britain. It’s thick and velvety, but also really well balanced dry with loads of dark chocolate and fruity coffee. That enhances the berry acidity of a really good dark chocolate, while the roasted edge makes it more heady and indulgent.

Wild Beer Co Fruitbooter - white chocolate

This is an incredible beer and we don’t know how we still have some. It also makes a great pairing with white chocolate thanks to the acidity of the saison and raspberries, cutting through the creamy sweetness while the peppercorns add spicy depth to the whole mouthful. Any tart raspberry beer would do the job nicely, but we like the complexity of this match.

Lervig Sippin’ Into Darkness - milk chocolate

Let’s be honest, milk chocolate isn’t clever. It’s all about the biggest, sweetest, cliche-ist, chocolaty-ist flavours you can get. Well that’s basically what an imperial adjunct stout is all about too – big flavours, to hell with balance and decorum. We’ve picked Sippin’ because it’s a bloody marvellous beer with some surprising depth while still being just plain stoopid. Any adjunct stout with coffee, vanilla, cocoa, fruits, marshmallow or anything like that will do, but be careful with spices (like Lervig’s 3 Bean) – they may overpower the whole thing.

Tiny Rebel Chocolate Stay Puft - already done

This isn’t a match, because the match is already in the bottle. This sweet, indulgent and preposterous idea of a beer is a joy thanks to how it takes you back to your childhood. I like the idea that all over the country it’s the adults turn to stuff their faces with chocolate and then feeling sick all through Sunday dinner.