5 Cities In Europe Where You Can Celebrate Oktoberfest

5 Cities In Europe Where You Can Celebrate Oktoberfest
25 September 2020 242 view(s)
5 Cities In Europe Where You Can Celebrate Oktoberfest


Everyone knows that the world’s most infamous beer festival has its roots in Munich. It may be the home of Oktoberfest, but if you cannot make it to the main event, there are plenty of places to celebrate elsewhere. Here are our top 5 cities in which to go for a taste.


1. Frankfurt

While many associate the festival with Munich, Frankfurt also celebrates the annual festival in the city It might not attract quite the same volume of visitors as Munich, but Frankfurt's Oktoberfest is more about names than numbers. Big named companies such as Augustiner-Brau, Paulaner and Spatenbrau who attend this event.

The festival not only celebrates beer, but also all things Bavaria, the city's food includes roast chicken, pretzels, white sausage, meatloaf and Schweinshaxn. Waiters and waitresses are dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing, called lederhosen, and beers are served in large two-pint glasses, known as steins. If you love sampling wine and beer, then you can't beat Oktoberfest in the beer capital of the world. Whenever you think of beer, you think of Germany. When visiting Germany in the fall, it is not only the ideal time to experience Oktoberfest, but you will also get the benefits of cheaper flights, less tourists, and perfect weather.



2. Stutgart

Stutgart’s continues to pull in the crowds to this day by pulling out all the stops with its Cannstatter Volksfest (the official name) – one of Germany’s largest folk festivals. There are so many reasons to visit Stuttgart during Oktoberfest but our favourite one is – it’s free! You can wander around, take photos and observe people at the fair free of charge. We love a bargain!

Cannstatter Volksfest has a more laid-back, less crowded and overall, more enjoyable approach compared to Munich. All these great qualities mixed with its authentic experience creating an atmosphere like no other! Local breweries set up shop in huge marquees that comfortably hold 5,000 people. There’s plenty of food options too - soakage shouldn't be a problem during your visit.

Stuttgart might be smaller than Munich but it definitely makes up for showing how mighty they are. When it comes down to hosting Oktoberfest the crowd-pleasing event focuses on the important details. Stuttgart goes all out with their outfits! There are so many groups of perfectly attired girls around it feels like a dirndl fashion show. So, if you’re thinking of visiting Oktoberfest with your group of friends, make sure to dress for the occasion.



3. Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Oktoberfest is perhaps one of the most anticipated party festivals in Scandinavia. This Danish chapter of Oktoberfest is indeed a heaven for all those who enjoy their beer. Authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest atmosphere with live Tyrolean music and delicious cold 1-liter beer.

The party takes place for two weekends in a 2,800-person tent. The festivities inside the tent will tempt you with a combination of 1-litre beer jugs, sing-along-music, traditional food, and Bavarian clothing. So, strap on your lederhosen– fantastic atmosphere you never will forget.



4. London

Oktoberfest was a late bloomer for England. It only began in 2004 but since then has been hugely successful, with over 180,000 attendees every year.

Don’t worry about your usual piddly pint, because next to a stein, you’ll wonder why it isn’t everyday life. There are different types of beer available on site in the beer tents, including specially brewed Oktoberfest beer and the infamous Bavarian Craft Beer. The two different beers are specially trucked over from Bavaria in giant tanks – just for London partygoers. The annual Oktoberfest celebration is the perfect way to add a little added luster to your trip to England’s capital.

No expense has been spared in preparing London Oktoberfest, making it all look and feel as authentic as possible. Visitors can look forward to finest authentic Bavarian beer especially for the event, further contributing to the authentic atmosphere. AS well as waiters and waitresses donning Lederhosen and Dirndl while serving customers.

It’s adult time and London doesn't give a schnitzel. Leave the guilt at the door as parents get a bit of ‘me time’. Some might call it ‘self-care’. London Oktoberfest is kid-free. All guests need to be 18 and over. There’s a special allowance for little ones on Sunday when children are welcome to come and get the taste of Oktoberfest (the atmosphere, not the beer), and join in on Sunday for lunch and family experiences.



5. Paris

Oktoberfest Paris attracts visitors from all over Europe, with over 10,000 people raising a steiner at the festival each year. Beers on offer include Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, Paulaner Münchner Hell or the Paulaner Hefe-Weissier.

There’s a large main festival tent in Paris, featuring live Bavarian music and plenty of beer along the Seine River. You can also head to Marseille to enjoy the city’s Oktoberfest celebration with German bands and a fun mix of German and Mediterranean cultures. When it comes to festival eats, be sure to try the famous crispy ham hock or the Tyrolean grilled spareribs. You won’t be disappointed.