De Halve Maan Mixer

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Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel   +£0.00
Straffe Hendrik Tripel   +£0.00
Brugse Zot Blond   +£0.00
Brugse Zot Bruin   +£0.00
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The mixed case for De Halve Maan. You get each of their finest beers! The beers inside showcase this Belgian brewery to it's best giving you a true taste of Bruges and Belgium itself. So get your Moules frites out and enjoy this case!

About the Brewery:-
The Halve Maan is home to two fantastic beer brands – Bruges Zot and Straffe Hendrik. Bruges Zot, which is a reference to the nickname "Bruges fools" given to the townsfolk, produces one of Belgium's best loved golden ales and a fantastic raisin and plummy brun. Meanwhile, Straffe Hendrik is more inspired by the Abbey beers, with a gorgeous tripel, a big dark quad and a barrel-aged version too. Demand for the brewery has got so large that they had to take bottling off-site, and are currently building a pipe to take beer under the city to reduce the amount of lorries going through Bruges' picturesque streets.

brewery Halve Maan
country Belgian Beer