Contreras Mars Especial

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  • Type:Amber
  • ABV:6.5%

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One of the last remaining ’bières de mars’, a forgotten tradition in which Belgian and northern French brewers made a special spring beer in March due to the fact that the spring water they used, reached its best quality in that time of the year. Industrialization wiped out the dependence on nature for having good brewing water, so this tradition all but disappeared. Contreras, however, kept it in honour and produces this delightful variation on their Tonneke each year. It has a copper colour and firm, thick head, a sweetish, gentle aroma involving caramel, almond and berries and a malty, spicy, rounded palate with relatively high complexity for a beer which in the end stems from an era when complexity was not yet something brewers sought after in their beers. I hope this special little ale will not die out too, like its forefathers did.

country French Beer
styles Blonde Beer
brewery Brasserie 2 Caps
ABV% 6.5%
Size 33cl

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