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Magic Rock Salty Kiss   +£2.40
Fourpure Pils   +£2.25
Kona Longboard Lager can   +£2.20
Beavertown Smog Rocket   +£2.39
Lervig Lucky Jack Can   +£2.25
Evil Twin Retro IPA - Can   +£3.30
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale can   +£2.60
FourPure Session IPA   +£2.25
Westbrook One Claw   +£4.15
40ft Pale Ale   +£2.90
Brewdog Kingpin   +£2.15
Free 6 pack Cool Bag   +£0.00
Aegir Dag   +£2.00

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Cans are the way forward.... Just ask Beavertown. Seriously canned beer is having a great time and for good reason too. The cans allow exactly zero Oxygen in and Zero light, this keeps the beer from 'skunking' and losing all that lovely hoppy aroma and tastes. Whilst the can might not be to everyones taste the beer that is inside these quality Craft Cans can't be sniffed at.