Fruit & Flavoured Beers

Take a walk on the wilder side of brewing and sample all sorts of delicious fruit beers in our range below. Fruit beers are some of the most interesting and refreshing brews out there, and in our range you can find flavoured beers including cherry, banana, strawberry, mango, pineapple and many more.

Explore our fruit beer range with the filters below and get in touch if you have any queries about your order or our selection.

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Beer is the most diverse alcoholic drink in the world and the opportunities for wonderful flavours don't just come from hops, malt and yeast. Fruit beers are incredibly popular with classic and new breweries too, so they're a great way to ease non-beer drinkers into the tipple (at least in our experience!). Unlike lambics, fruit beers are normally brewed before being blended with fruit juices to add all kinds of exciting flavours. Due to this, there are loads of ingredients that can be added to what are termed ‘fruit’ beers, including spices like those found in Belgian wits, and juicy fruits like Huyghe’s famous Floris cherry, mango, and strawberry beers. And while Belgium is the king of the fruit beer world, we have a huge fruit beer selection from countries including Sweden, the UK, the USA and more. Browse our many delightful fruit beers above using the search filters and read our expert features to learn more about beer. If you need any help, get in touch.