Danish Beer

Danish Beer

Beer in Denmark is dominated by Carlsberg and Tuborg. Since Tuborg was acquired by Carlsberg in 1970 this has left a near monopoly for Carlsberg. A number of regional breweries however managed to survive, and most of them merged to Royal Unibrew in 2005. Also in recent years a large number of micro breweries have appeared.

The Danish market is dominated by pale lager, with more than 95% of total sales. However, stout and other dark beers are increasing in popularity, a trend driven by the market growth of premium-priced beers. The local microbreweries are strong innovators and produce a wide variety of beer styles, including strong IPAs and stouts

Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster and beer-writer calls Denmark the most interesting country, beer-wise, right now. Indeed, Denmark's beer-scene is no more the dull one-sided one we used to know. Oliver justifies his claim with the growing number of microbreweries, their openmindedness, the quality of imported beers, top restaurants which play with beer and to cap it all there is a strong consumer movement about beer.


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