The Rare Barrel

The Rare Barrel

They are an all-sour beer company. Sour beer is their favorite style of beer. The flavors produced by this unique fermentation and aging process cannot be replicated in any other food or beverage. Due to the involved process, sour beer is not often a commonly brewed style, making it difficult to find. They would like to help change that. Aside from their personal preferences for the beer, there are also practical reasons for going all-sour. By focusing completely on sour beer, they can concentrate on learning as much as possible about the reasons why those unique flavors are produced in sours. With their entire focus on sours, they have crafted a cellar around the production of sour beer. Their space is dedicated to the conditioning of barrel-aged sour beers. With high ceilings, a moderate climate and plenty of space, they give their barrels an ideal home to create their unique flavors. It’s been said that constraint breeds creativity. By adopting a singular focus on crafting sour beer, they plan on thoroughly exploring flavors through both conventional and experimental methods to create exciting new beers.

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