Grief Brauerei

Grief translates as the Griffin Brewery.

Grief has been a Forchheimer brewing tradition for 150 years.  The brewery is now on the latest technical state

The first brewer in the Chronicle called Johann Neuner . Later , the brewery was Georg Wagner , it was soon followed by Johann Wagner. Finally, Daniel Griffin took over the operation . However, his grandson Joseph takes in this lineage a special place because it is a far-sighted and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

As early as 1928 Joseph Griffin had ahead purchased the " icehouse " Schindler Brewery on King Ludwigs canal in Forchheim - a strategically important decision. Because after the Second World War, it was the densely populated northern city.

1953, a modern brewery was taken at the Serlbacher road under Griffin's widow Elsa in operation , actively supported by her daughter Mary and her husband brewmaster Erwin Schuster . "We are very pleased with the business development ," says Christian Schuster .

Proudly told the chief of the many innovations that came with ten employees experienced in the 90 years of the brewery operation . Thus arose a new brewhouse , a fermentation cellar , a storage cellar and a storage shed . The filtration is on the latest technical standard for Brauwasserenthärtung The system works without chemicals and the new bottling plant received a new cleaning machine.
loyal customers

The Joseph Griffin Brewery has a large base of loyal customers. The beer in the bottles with the red mythical creature in the arms found in many shops and beverage markets in the region . Especially a lot of it is drunk in the basement of the Griffin Brewery in the city forest , not only during the festival Anna a popular meeting place . Also on Schindler cellar in the woods Forchheim, Reifenberger in the basement at Weilersbach , and the cellar in Lunz Willersdorf foam grip beer from the wooden barrel . With " Cheers Special" , a dark beer, the brewery wants to remember a milestone in the company history : The same variety was brewed in 1953 for the opening of the new brewhouse at the Serlbacher road .