Durham Brewery

A family owned brewery since 1994 famous for its "White Range" and bottle-conditioned beers. Winner of the first GBBF Real Ale in a Bottle with Evensong.

The Durham Brewery launched in August 1994 at the Durham CAMRA Beer Festival where we were awarded beer of the festival with Celtic, an achievement that was to be repated the following year. Founders Christine and Steve Gibbs were full-time teachers at the time and the brewery was to become the sole employer when the teaching jobs closed after the first year. Steve soon developed "The White Range" which properly launched the brewery into the wider world. The beers were explorations of many hop varieties over a pale malt base. The beers were an instant success and still form the basis of their  portfolio.

The original 5 barrel plant was sold and a new 10 barrel plant was installed in new premises in 1999. We have increased staffing over the years and now we have six members.

Bottle-conditioned beers were started in 2000 with "Millennium City" in celebration of Durham's two thousand years. This beer is now known as St Cuthbert. An adventurous bottle range is now available from the lightest 3.8% to the darkest 10%. 

"Our mission is to create the best in beers in styles from around the world. We use traditional English techniques to make pure, full-flavoured, natural beers. No filtration and no pasteurisation ensures that all the flavour and quality is retained in the finished beverage. Cask beers are properly cask-conditioned until ready and are not subjected to conditioning tanks. Bottled beers are conditioned for up to two months while yeast drops out and flavours mature before being bottled."

Further maturation occurs in the bottle. Shelf life is measured in years. Bottled beers are suitable for Vegans.