Braeckmans Lemon Genever

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  • Type:Spirit
  • ABV:20%

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Genever is a spirit made from a blend of malt wine, distilled water and a neutral alcohol, re-distilled with a variety of herbs and spices (of which the Juniper berry is the dominant flavour, hence the name). Malt wine is derived from pure grain alcohol, which has been distilled 3 times using (mostly) 3 different fermented grains ñ rye, barley and wheat, oak matured. The neutral alcohol can be either pure grain alcohol or molasses alcohol derived from sugar beets. Fruit and Cream flavoured Genevers were created as a result of the Vandervelde prohibition law and are light and easy drinking and ;offer a great range of flavours to drink as shots, over ice or as a flavouring for designer cocktails. Braeckmans offer the very best of this delicious drink.

brewery Braeckmans
country Belgian Beer
ABV% 20%
Size 75cl